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Bronze Smokey Eye

Smokey Look That Works For ANY Eye Color! How do you pull off that mystical, airbrushed-finish smokey eyes? In this excellent tutorial, Lauren shows you step-by-step how you
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Cover Your Redness

Quick Way To Make Your Redness Disappear! Some natural blush on the cheek looks fresh and rosy. Too much redness looks stressed, haggard and unhealthy. Redness is often caused
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For Softer Skin

Here’s An Easy Homemade Face Mask! Does your face feel rough and tough? Then you seriously need to get a facial. It will not only soften your face,
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Rice Facial And Scrub

Here’s An Unconventional Way To Improve Your Skin! If you’ve tried chocolate, honey, or other edible stuff on your face, there’s something awesome that you also have to
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Lipstick Pro 101

Ever Wondered How The Pros Apply Lipstick? I did!   That’s why I decided to upload this detailed tutorial video because I know we can all benefit from
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